Experiential Week

Midland students with wind turbine
Tenth grade students, Midland faculty and blueEnergy crew with a wind turbine

Each year for a week in the spring, Midland students participate in activities by class/grade level. The purpose of this week is to take trips and do activities as entire classes (individually for seniors) that supplement the school’s curriculum and mission, with students having experiences in the field rather than the classroom. These experiences provide students with hands-on learning opportunities both on Midland's property and away from campus.


For the week of March 28 – April 1, Midland students will participate in the school’s annual Experiential Week.

Activities by grade level:

9th Graders take part in a backpacking experience in the local San Rafael Wilderness, camping at Midland’s 10-acre inholding property near the confluence of the Manzana and Sisquoc drainages. From this base camp, they explore the human and natural history of the area while practicing Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.

10th Grade: help build Midland’s renewable energy infrastructure, making a measurable contribution to Midland’s long range plan of grid neutrality. Working alongside professionals, they build working models of windmills or biogas digesters then install a 3-kW solar photovoltaic array. After a decade of this work, 30% of campus electricity needs are met with student-installed grid-tied solar arrays.

11th Grade: together by volunteering with Self-Help Enterprises to help build affordable housing in California’s Central Valley. This trip also serves as a cultural and language immersion program in a Spanish-speaking community in California.

 *Click here to download the volunteer waiver.

12th Grade: 12th graders take a big step towards self-reliant learning in off-campus individualized internships that support their Senior Thesis research in fields they may well consider pursuing as possible careers.


 Midland students installing solar panels

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