Read the essay An Oasis of Adolescence by professional writer and current parent Michelle Howard, which beautifully describes the value of a Midland education for her family.  


“As a teenager, I was deeply hungry for independence, self-reliance, and the opportunity to face new challenges. Midland allows young people to develop character by providing an environment that fosters resourcefulness, resilience, and ingenuity. Going to classes and living in log cabins, you have to face the weather. You can't change the wind, but you can learn to live with it.
Best school ever! Thank you Mom and Dad!”
John Isaacson ‘94

“Midland changed my life. The combination of academics, problem solving, self sufficiency and community still inform my life every day. I am proud to call myself a Midland student and even prouder to be the parent of one.”
Andrew McCarthy ‘85

“The happiest years of my young life were at Midland. Phenomenal teachers, great academics, and all that beautiful land! I will carry the lessons I learned at Midland - and some of them were hard lessons - until the end of my days.”
Tom Scarborough ‘76

“The best school to learn what is truly relevant in these important times. A great foundation for anyone.”
Dr. Chris Pankau, Midland’s equine veterinarian

"My Midland diploma is on the wall right next to my desk where it has been for many years. It is simple and straightforward and is signed by Paul Squibb. It reads:
This is to certify that Frederick is a graduate of Midland School. Wherever he may go from here, may God’s Blessing go with him.
Paul Squibb (Headmaster) June 1, 1952

I was part of the graduating class in Paul Squibb's last year and we were very proud to be in that memorable year. The school has continued to spread his philosophy to succeeding classes. Midland’s approach to life is very viable in 2014. Above all we are responsible, thinking adults and are responsible for our actions. We do believe in giving back and paying forward. I think most do volunteer in their communities. We tend to assume leadership positions in our lives. The lessons learned are not forgotten and hopefully have been passed onto our children and theirs. The times we live in are much different in 2104, but the principles remain the same."
Fred Frye '52



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