Diego Marcogliese

An integral part of Midland's philosophy is self-reliance and authentic student leadership. As students gain more experience at Midland, they begin to take on more responsibility. By the time they are seniors, Midland students help run the daily schedule and Jobs Program, oversee life in the yards, and lead assemblies. In their junior year, students begin the transition to becoming senior leaders. Head of School Will Graham facilitates that transition by working with juniors and teaching a semester-long leadership seminar. Communication between senior leaders (all Midland seniors are leaders in the school) and faculty is continuous and the Head of School maintains an open-door policy where students may have a voice.

"Leadership at Midland means not only leading a daily job crew or running a work period, but getting involved with the community for the betterment of student life. Keeping a high standard of cleanliness in the dining hall to making sure the pigs get fed and showing kids how to light fires; it’s what makes Midland unique. At Midland each senior steps into a leadership role, which is an integral part to keeping the school healthy, sustainable, and most importantly making it a fun learning experience. No other high school in the nation gives so much responsibility to its senior class. This year I’m looking forward to finding the right balance between being a friend and a figure of authority, running assemblies, giving my two chapels, and applying to college. It’s going to be one of the most rewarding experiences I will ever have."
~ Diego Marcogliese '13, School Prefect 



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Graduation 2016

Graduation 2016

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Midland receives a special visit from The Family School's Green Door.

Alumni/ae, Parents and Friends Weekend

Alumni/ae, Parents and Friends Weekend is April 29-30, 2017.

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