Midland Solar

Watch a video of our students installing a solar array.

Watch a video of our students building a small-scale wind turbine with blueEnergy.

Midland School has been installing PV arrays with our 10th graders every year since 2003. Each grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system meets another 3% of campus electricity needs. As of 2014, 30% of campus is powered by these arrays. We hope you are captivated by the can-do spirit from Midland School, a solar success story that can serve as an inspiration and model to others.


The Midland solar curves are generated from real data collected monthly from our inverters.  Notice that as new system comes online each year, the combined curves (purple) show a steady upward trend.

This curve:

And this curve:


Allow us to envision an antidote to this curve:

Source: Scripps Institute of Oceanography




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