Midland School Environmental Advisory Board

Midland Faculty:
Lise Goddard, Will Graham, Marguerite Graham, Celeste Carlisle, Derek Harwell ’88, Katie Isaacson Hames

Founding emeritus member of Midland’s Environmental Advisory Board:
Dr. Barry Schuyler '41

Outside Specialists:
Mason Willrich '50
Chair of the Board of Governors of the California ISO (Independent System Operator)
Former trustee and president of the Midland Board

Dr. Bob Wilkinson
Professor in the Environmental Studies Department and the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UCSB

Kate McCurdy
Director and reserve manager of UCSB’s Sedgwick Reserve

Dr. Josh Schimel
Chair of the Environmental Studies Department at UCSB; Soil ecologist and professor in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, UCSB

Peter Schuyler
Restoration ecologist

Dr. Lisa Stratton
Head of restoration ecology at UCSB

Josh Hahn
Assistant Head of School, Department of Environmental Initiatives at The Hotchkiss School

Dr. Bill Elmendorf '75
Associate professor and extension specialist for community forestry at Penn State, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Mathias Craig ‘96
Engineer, Ashoka fellow, CNN Heroes Finalist, Founder of blueEnergy, a non-profit organization building sustainable energy and water systems on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

Former Outside Specialists:
Bud Laurent
Former director of the Community Environmental Council (CEC) in Santa Barbara; public servant and community activist; currently resides in Oregon

Jim Poett '66
Manager of Rancho San Julian’s 13,000 acres on the central coast; expert in cattle management and conservation-minded grazing; first rancher in California to produce organic beef

Fred Brossy '71
Organic farmer in Idaho with over 40 years experience in farming, ranching and land stewardship

Gwen Heistand
Resident biologist, Audubon Canyon Ranch, Bolinas Lagoon Preserve

Megan McGrath '93
Former Midland trustee; soil scientist and winemaker

Dr. Michael Williams
Former reserve director of UCSB’s Sedgwick Reserve 

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