Library Curriculum and Goals

The Midland Library teaches information literacy – access, evaluation, and use – through a program that focuses on reading, research, and communication. This program develops study skills, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking to prepare students for effective and responsible information use.

The goals of the library are to:

  • Promote active reading
  • Support the personal and academic interests of students and faculty
  • Provide diverse sources of quality information
  • Teach research, writing, and citation skills
  • Require students to analyze information and build knowledge
  • Encourage student leadership and participation in library management


Library science prepares students to effectively negotiate a world of increasing information and communication modes. With the personal support of a dedicated librarian and a culture of widespread reading, Midland offers an ideal balance between technology and print literature.

The library program promotes Midland’s mission by celebrating intellectual diversity, supporting academic excellence, and teaching responsible information use.

Essential Skills:
Library skills are taught in collaboration with teachers to embed information literacy in projects throughout the curriculum. Beginning with students’ first research paper in Midland 102 and culminating with Senior Thesis, the librarian teaches techniques that promote active reading, critical thinking, and academic success.                                      

We develop these skills:


  • Students read for academic and personal interest
  • Students learn active reading skills to help them engage and process what they are reading

Information Access 

  • Students use library catalogs (school, university, and public), online databases, and quality internet sources

Information Evaluation 

  • Students evaluate information quality to assess currency, credibility, accuracy, and bias

Information Use 

  • Students build new ideas through research and critical thinking 
  • Students learn proper citation techniques


  • Students improve writing and speaking skills through research papers and presentations
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