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This section includes general information about "Life at Midland" by topic. More information may be found on the Admission FAQ page.


The student’s advisor is the point of contact for each parent. Advisors track grades, activities and the residential life of each advisee.  If needed, a regular time can be established for an email or phone call update. Parents needing to talk directly to their child each week should establish a time for phone calls or email with the child.


Any concerns regarding a student, school policy, or special permissions for students to be excused from school may be directed to the Head of School, Christopher Barnes, at 805-688-5114, ext. 112.


Parents should refer to the Student Handbook for answers regarding school policy, schedules, and procedures; however, Jill Brady, Assistant to the Head of School, is always available to answer parents’ questions. After 4:00 PM and on weekends, parents may call the Lapmaster phone at 805-500-8279 if there is a pressing need or concern.


The Admission Office connects new students with returning students and new parents with returning parents as needed throughout the admission process. If current parents are interested in supporting the admissions network in any way, or if they wish to refer a prospective family, they may contact the Admissions Office at 805-688-5114.


Transcripts and Course Selection: Grades and comments are sent to parents on a regular basis. Questions regarding credits, academic requirements, academic action plans and course registration can be directed to Dean of Studies, Lise Goddard, 805-688-5114, ext. 122.


Midland strives to serve the educational technology needs of students while remaining faithful to the philosophy of the school. The school's goal of evaluating all choices based on needs as opposed to wants results in a carefully planned program that directs resources to technological choices that enhance student learning and understanding while avoiding those technologies that tend to undermine our goals. Click here to read Midland's philosophy on educational technology.


Midland's Director of College Placement, Lynda Cummings, 805-688-5114, ext. 121, meets regularly with the junior class in the spring of the junior year, and she continues to meet with the class throughout the fall of the senior year. She communicates regularly with parents throughout the college guidance process. All parents have the opportunity to meet with Lynda on campus at the Fall Round-Up and to meet with other parents regarding the college process. Parents of seniors needing to discuss graduation can meet with the Head of School at the Spring Alumni/ae, Parents and Friends weekend.


Questions or concerns regarding a child’s health may be directed to Janet Willie, Director of Health Services at , 805-688-5114, ext. 136. The Midland School Doctor, Dr. Chris Elstner, is also available for consultation.


Questions regarding the financial aid application process or awards should be directed to the Admissions Office, 805-688-5114. Parents and friends of the school are encouraged to share Midland's contact information with prospective families.


Parents wishing to make a donation to the Annual Scholarship Fund should contact Charis Derbyshire, Development Coordinator, at 805-688-5114, ext. 118.


Questions regarding Midland News, the Midland Mirror, publications and the website should be directed to Charis Derbyshire, Development Coordinator, at 805-688-5114, ext. 118.


Each year the four classes participate in Experiential Week. The juniors go on a class trip, the seniors spend a week off campus pursuing independent projects that support their thesis. The sophomores and faculty install solar panels on campus under the direction of Lise Goddard, Director of Studies and ninth graders explore the back-country with Derek Harwell, Director of Outdoor Programs and Midland staff. Communication with parents is sent prior to Experiential Week. Parents may contact Lise and Derek. Faith Nygren coordinates the senior off-campus projects.  All may be reached at 805-688-5114.


"Teenagers are betwixt and between, ready for responsibilities, ready for practical life skills, ready to take on the world, but the world is just not ready to receive them. Midland provides the ingredients of a full life and the lessons for a person of character. Midland has a full-life approach to education. Our son is challenged by Midland's environment in ways his urban lifestyle could not touch."
~ Midland parent

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