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A Midland graduate must fulfill the following graduation requirements (19 academic credits):

· Four years of English
· Three years of mathematics (including Algebra II and Geometry)
· Three years of social studies, including one semester of Midland 101, one year each of World and American history, and a one-semester elective
· Two years of laboratory sciences (including Chemistry & Biology)
· Three years of a foreign language
· One year in the visual or performing arts
· At least two elective courses (one elective consisting of a social studies elective)
· One year of Midland 101 (if entered as a freshman)
· Senior thesis; a year long research project that results in a scholarly paper and project (if applicable)

“Midland is – first and foremost – a school. A rigorous college preparatory boarding school. Not a shop school. Not a trade school. Not an adventure school. The fundamental rigor of Midland’s curriculum must never be watered down with trips or projects that don’t put learning at their core. If you build something, learn the science in it. If you explore the property, learn the geology and ecology.”
~ Barry Schuyler ‘41 (1923-2011)

Barry was a Midland student, teacher, trustee, advisor, and benefactor, as well as a guardian of Midland’s soul for over 70 years from the "Kerosene Age" to the "Solar Age."



"I really like the academics at Midland, because I truly feel like I'm learning.  It isn't just regurgitation, but actually understanding.  I adored math this year and have previously hated it, but making the connection between the math world and the real world was really helpful."
~ Alumna, Class of 2009 

Academic News

Rotary Stock Competition

Two Midland teams place in the top spots in the Rotary Club of Solvang’s annual Stock Portfolio contest.


Midland Student Featured in Ojai Valley News

Midland Student, Graceson '16, was recently featured in the Ojai Valley News for his metal work.

Geology Field Trip to Avila Pillow Basalts

More Geology in the field with Laurie Munger -
Avila Beach (Port San Luis, actually) has the best exposure of 150 million year old pillow basalts in our area. The Geology class visited the pillow basalts - a part of the Franciscan Formation - to see first hand an example of rocks formed along a divergent boundary. We also visited Shell beach to view an exposure of a synclinal fold in the Monterey Shale Formation. Both destinations showed angular unconfomities (an erosion layer) above the older rock units with horizontally deposited more recent sediments.


Click here to view photos from the field trip! 

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