Banff Mountain Film Festival

March 05, 2014

The annual Banff Mountain Film Festival - about mountain culture and adventure - has quickly become a favorored Midland student event. One of their favorites was a movie out of Norway about two graduate students who spent the winter on a secluded beach north of the Arctic Circle. The pair built a small shelter heated with a wood stove, all built from materials found on the beach. When not attending to their basic needs they surfed and collected 3 tons of garbage. Students left with visions of erecting their own shelters in trash canyon and building bike jumps and climbing trees in their spare time.


Some of the sentiments from students:

"BANFF film festival takes you places all across the globe in an evening of excitement and thrills. You get to see how people everywhere are exploring the great outdoors in any way imaginable!" Adele Schopf faculty


"For me sitting there watching all the movies, I was thinking - What am I doing in my life? They made me think about all the struggles it takes and time it takes to succeed in what you want." Cameron '16

"It was very inspiring and I admire the dedication of every single one of those athletes or adventurers. I myself was a big fan of my middle school outdoor program and I look forward to trying it next fall at Midland.  The initiative and spontaneity  of the two Norwegian friends in cleaning up the beaches was truly awesome." Deya '16

"It was pretty awe-inspiring to see just the limits of human experience, and how people break those limits. Or, simply put:  it was epic." Alex '14

"The film festival was AMAZING. It's always so inspiring to see people going out and living amazing lives. Seeing other people living some of my dreams reminds me that I have so much to do and look forward to in life." Tenaya '14

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