1970's Mega Reunion

December 18, 2014

Dear Midland Students, Faculty, Staff, Families, and Friends of the 70's,

Midland students were never an ordinary crowd of teenagers, and our faculty were never ordinary teachers. We knew each other in ways that students and faculty who went to ordinary schools, even boarding schools, could never know or understand.

But then we graduated. In the decades (yes, decades) since, almost all of us have raised children and some now have grandchildren. We’ve made homes and careers. Traveled. Flopped badly and stood up again. We’ve worked in construction, land management, medical devices, and internet technologies.

Thanks to the “miracle of social media,” some of us have reconnected in recent years, but most of us remain quite disconnected from our fellow Midlanders. Think about the people you bussed tables with. Who were the people in the dishhouse with you? The guys and gals who rang the bell, rolled the trash barrels, brushed the horses, threw spit wads during study hall, built the shower fires, cleaned the pink palace, loaded firewood, scraped food out of the cracks between the boards in the tables, hitchhiked into Solvang, ran laps, dragged Carl or DBA or Spiderman up into the mountains for an overnight camping trip? Who were your prefects? Who taught you how to write a decent sentence, gave you a foundation in Calculus or French, wrote your college recommendations? Remember evenings in faculty homes, where it was actually WARM?

Midland was a different time. It was a different place. We can never go back to that particular time and place, but we can reconnect with the people (students, faculty, family, and friends) who made Midland the strong positive experience it was.

In April 2015, the class of 1970 will celebrate its 45th reunion, the class of 1975 will celebrate its 40th reunion, and the class of 79 will celebrate its 36th reunion. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to bring together the students, faculty, family and friends who knew each other so well in the 1970s.

In the meantime, Midland has grown and changed, too. The school is “a more friendly place” today and the school has more staff. The student body is closer to 90 than 70. Midland has added an athletic barn for basketball, volleyball, and other “indoor” (as indoor as you can get at Midland) sports, and the track is now a full fledged farm. Solar panels heat water and make electricity, and are supplemented by a modern wind turbine. Still, the young men and women who study at Midland work about as hard as we did and they are a bright, promising crowd. Midland is still the kind of place where you pull in and in minutes someone will walk up and ask if they can help you find who or what you’re looking for.

Hopefully you can join us April 24th through 26th, 2015 in Santa Ynez for a mega reunion. Catch up with your classmates, prefects, prefectees, teachers, and the family and friends we knew well in those years.

We have started by creating a Facebook page to help with information dissemination and start the process of reconnecting. If you’re not on Facebook, that’s not a problem. Feel free to contact any of us with questions.


We are also looking for someone from each of the classes 1970 to 1979 to help communicate with their respective class members. Feel free to call or write any of us to volunteer.

Kind regards,

John Hintzen ’75      (805) 563-3320      Johnhintzen@cox.net
John Stiff ’75             (505) 243-5755       jstiff@stifflaw.com
Dick Stubbs ‘75        (208) 385-9536      rlstubbs@careyperkins.com
James Fahey ‘75     (914) 643-2930      jlfahey@level85llc.com
Jeff Berry ’73            (215) 640-0858      history@jeffersonberry.com
Joe Hobbs ’74                                           HobbsJ@missouri.edu
Tom Scarborough ’76 (601) 870-2662 scarborough.tom58@gmail.com
Ben Munger ’79     (805) 693-8709       bmunger32561@gmail.com

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