Freshman Experiential Week

April 14, 2015

With no water at the Midland School inholding (10 acre inholding property near the confluence of the Manzana Creek and Sisquoc River in the Los Padres National Forest), the 9th graders were divided up into two backpacking groups. One group traveled up stream from Nira Campground while the other headed downstream.

All the 9th graders had been preparing for the trip for a number of weeks, learning all the components of our gear (stoves, water filters, tents...) as well as the philosophical and ethical components of wilderness travel including discussions of why we go to the backcountry as a part of school and ideas and practice of Leave No Trace Ethics and how we can apply those ethics to our lives here at Midland and beyond.
They had a great weather window with mild temperatures and dry conditions, while still having plenty of water in the creek.  The students worked extremely well together, had plenty of fun, carved out some quality time and space for reflection, and even baked cornbread and brownies over the fire.

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to see pictures from the week. 



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