Senior Symposium

May 13, 2015

Midland seniors gave great presentations on a wide range of topics at the Senior Symposium.  Culminating their senior thesis research and writing, this year's Symposium topics included:


- Regeneration Agriculture

- A Greenhouse Design for the Midland Farm

- Emotions in Film: Why We Feel Them and How Are They Achieved?

- A Day in the Life of the Santa Ynez Valley Vineyard Workers

- Why Wild Salmon Are Better Than Farmed Salmon

- Sleep Disorders and Deprivation: Coping in a 24-Hour Society

- Regulation and Technology: Can Society Promote Innovation and Maintain Sound Ethics?

- Inhumane Meat and Injustice Involving Animal Rights

- Applications of Electrical Engineering in the Film Industry

- User Experience: A Psychological Battle Between Users and Designers

- Fashion and Identity

- Food Effects on Our Bodies

- Historical and Comparative Linguistics

- Children and Women Sex Trafficking

- A Repulsive Reality: The Physical Phenomena of Dark Energy and Its Role in our Universe

- Biomimicry in Architecture



See photos of the Symposium.  

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