September 17, 2018 P&D

~ Alumni Reunion Weekend ~
Special emphasis on the classes of:
2010, 2000, ’95 (25th), ’90, ’80, ’70, ’60, ’50, ’40
June 5-7, 2020


After the seniors have graduated, we’ll open the campus for hiking, BBQs, campfires, music and nights under our amazing stars. We’ll also offer opportunities to spend time with select faculty and staff, including some surprises from our experiential education program.

Cabins are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Camping is also an option. If you plan to stay off campus, we encourage you to book early. 


Friday, June 5
3:00pm ~ Cabins open
5:00-6:30pm~ Dinner
7:00pm ~ Welcome campfire reception (behind Art Guild)

Saturday, June 6
7:30am ~Breakfast in Stillman
Morning of activities and classes
12:00pm ~ Assembly and Lunch at Stillman
Afternoon experiential activities and class gatherings
5:30pm ~ Assembly, Chapel, and Dinner
7:30pm ~ Stillman Porch Concert (performers welcome!)

Sunday, June 7
7:30am ~ Breakfast in Stillman
9:00am ~ Final gathering/hike
11:00am ~ Farewell