Lynda Cummings - Midland School

Lynda Cummingsshe/her

Director of College Counseling

B.A. Stanford University
Languages: English and Spanish
Appointed: 1994
  (805) 688-5114 x121

Lynda has lived and worked at Midland since January of 1994 when her husband, Ian, got hired mid-year to teach English (and, later, history, Spanish, and theater). She began working in development, became Director of Admissions, then took time off when her children, Sean ‘16 and Emily ‘19 were young. When Sean and Emily were old enough to go to school in 2004, she took on the role as Director of College Counseling. Lynda loves her job because she gets to help students identify their core strengths and values, an exciting process that changes and evolves often as students move through their high school years. Even after 26 years, Midland’s core mission and values continue to inspire her.

Lynda and her family have one dog, a 8-year-old Queensland Heeler/Pyrenees mix named Phoebe, who not only guards the house, but the airspace above (no need to worry about circling hawks or vultures while Phoebe’s around!). Lynda’s favorite Midland farm produce include strawberries because the season lasts forever, tomatoes because they are so much better than anything in the store, peaches because they drip all over her hands and face and make everything sticky, and apples and carrots because they provide a snack when she needs to get out of the office. You can often find Lynda reading from The New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, the Santa Barbara Independent, and The Atlantic, and she’s passionate about about so many things: climate change, Black Lives Matter, prison reform, immigration and children at the border, getting good prenatal care for all, and the student debt crisis. Perhaps the most characteristic description of Lynda is that, when asked to use three words to describe herself, she responded: “engaging, caring, curious, direct, observant, writer, and unable to follow directions that tell me to use *only* three words.”