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Grounded in traditional college preparation, Midland is a leader in place-based and experiential education.  Using our 2,860 acres as a home base, Midland’s curriculum offers a vibrant and challenging exploration of place, spanning environment, history, and culture.  Growing our food, generating our electricity, and knowing where our water comes from prepares students to be informed citizens and active participants.  Midland’s 4:1 student to faculty ratio and our work ethic ensures that every student is known, valued, and needed in this intentional community.

Over 40 college representatives visit and recruit Midland students each fall. Midland students stand out from the pack because of enriched leadership and experiential opportunities supported by our setting, academic and jobs programs. Recent graduates have enrolled at Colorado College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, Kenyon, Lewis and Clark, Pomona, Stanford, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, Wellesley, and Williams.



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