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Arts Program

The Visual Arts Department cultivates active engagement between students and the natural and man-made world surrounding them. We help students develop a way of observing the world, a language to describe it, and means for expressing it through the Visual Elements and Principles of Design.

We encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking in the following areas:

  • Creation of artworks
  • Interpretation and judgment of artworks
  • Development of personal themes in artworks

It is our hope that intentional, constant practice in creative problem-solving and critical thinking in the visual arts promotes a culture of practicing these habits in all areas of students’ lives at Midland. We see the participatory trial-and-error approach in art as a metaphor for developing skill and comfort in the lifelong processes of expressing ourselves and trying things out, learning from experiments that don’t work, and honing our skills towards things that do work.

Our advanced classes elaborate and expand upon these skills, placing heavier emphasis on student independence and the development of personal themes in artwork.

Midland’s art program, which draws materials and inspiration from the natural world, embodies the idea that the essential ingredients of learning are a student and teacher working together to cultivate a sense of aesthetic and personal expression.

Midland’s Performing Arts Department seeks to engage students both musically and dramatically. Currently, credit offerings include Chorus and Theater, while non-credit opportunities abound.

Both with and without faculty guidance, students perform at assemblies, in Chapel, at coffee house events on campus, and during Alumni and Parent weekends, Thanksgiving, and graduation. Our goal is to practice and cultivate creative self-expression, through which self-confidence and community involvement grow.

The Performing Arts Department emphasizes organic creative processes that rely on voices, instruments, words, and messages, which can only be communicated through performance.

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