COVID-19 Safety Plan | August 2021


All Midland students participate in competitive interscholastic sports – cross-country, volleyball, soccer, or basketball. Our program provides an opportunity for all students to play the game while fostering leadership, sportsmanship, self-discovery, and physical fitness. Students discover their own talents and determination, while experiencing the value of disciplined practice. All Midland teams are coached by faculty members who mentor students in other capacities, so the field, court, and trails are extensions of Midland’s learning environment – in particular, cultivating authentic student leadership.

In addition to competitive sports, Midland offers several non-competitive options as an alternative for one sports season should a student so choose. These options include Farm and Ranch, Kitchen, Yoga, Horses, and Outdoor Leadership, which are described in the Curriculum Guide.

Midland School is a member of the Condor League which includes independent boarding and day schools in the tri-county area.