COVID-19 Safety Plan | August 2021

Jobs Program

The jobs program at Midland develops self-reliance, leadership, and responsibility in our students. Daily jobs contribute not only to the operations of the school, but to students’ sense of belonging and ownership of their community. Every aspect of Midland’s daily operation is supported by our students, from washing dishes to picking produce in our garden. Seniors step into leadership roles as job heads, guiding and mentoring underclassmen in their work. Throughout the Midland experience, students internalize the benefits of working as a team, knowing that we’re all in this together, as well as the responsibilities of mastering real tasks as an individual.

Midland’s Work Ethic Hierarchy

Passing it on and creating a legacy
Teaching the next person what you’ve learned
Institutional Sustainability

Developing a Sense of Agency
Knowing what’s important, setting priorities, and managing time

Working effectively with others
Dependability, Initiative, Fairness, Leadership, Kindness, Knowing when to ask for help

Doing your job well
Identity and ownership of place through our work
Internal Motivation and Quality Control

Doing your job
…because it feels right. You see a beginning, middle, and end. You can relax when done. Self-confidence builds
Internal Motivation

Doing your job
…because NOT doing it carries a penalty
External Motivation

Showing Up
Acknowledging that you have a job