COVID-19 Safety Plan | August 2021

Midland Campus

Midland is located in Santa Barbara County in the town of Los Olivos, CA. Los Olivos is north of the cities of Santa Barbara and Buellton, and south of the cities of San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria.

We are blessed with 2,860 acres on our campus, a large percentage of which is relatively untouched. Our property neighbors the Los Padres National Forest, the largest national forest in the state, and we are also adjacent to the San Rafael Wilderness Area, home of the Manzana River and its tributaries. More than just a backdrop, our campus becomes part of the classroom. Science classes camp and learn orienteering as part of the curriculum, English classes search out secluded meadows in which to write, read, and discuss, and the fine arts classes include the landscape and natural materials in countless projects.

Meadows, creeks, cliffs, canyons, and ridgelines; yucca, sycamores, oaks, sage, and poppies; coyotes, wild pigs, wild turkeys, owls, hawks, and eagles. A student at Midland makes a connection with the natural world. The sense of place a student develops at Midland is invaluable and enduring.