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Needs vs Wants

As Seen in The New York Times

“The School of Wants and Needs — and Wood-Fired Showers”
By RON LIEBER OCT. 28, 2016

Midland is an experiential education school that prepares students for entry into competitive colleges, but also teaches them how to raise livestock, grow vegetables, and chop wood. READ FULL NYT ARTICLE »

The Midland values highlighted included “self-reliance,” “needs not wants (when I can remember),” and the way we “unite to put the needs of the community and world above ourselves.” A former faculty member who knew the Squibbs wrote, “We will be forever grateful that Paul Squibb had a vision of his ideal school and did what he said he would do.” One alum was thankful to Midland “for teaching me to leave places better than I find them.” Another was grateful for practical lessons in “academic discipline, and impeccable time management training” while another appreciated the transcendent opportunities at Midland, “to show that we all have the power to transcend the typical labels of race, gender, and nationality.”

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