Ellie Moore | Our Faculty | Midland School

Ellie Mooreshe/her

Dean of Academics & Humanities Faculty

Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education
B.A. Middlebury College
Languages: English and Spanish
Appointed: 2018

  (805) 688-5114 x122

As an educator, Ellie believes her role is to help students learn to not simply navigate the world, but to change it for the better. In Midland, she found an abundance of fertile ground for student growth and exploration. In Midland, she recognizes an intentional learning community that shares her values of balancing self-reliance and collaboration, independence and responsibility, creativity and academic rigor. She’s honored to join this daily effort of building a community that celebrates each individual’s contributions in service of a whole greater than its parts.

Ellie is passionate about justice for all humans, regardless of their multitudinal identities, and she strongly believes in the power of absurdity, of holding your every quirk sacred and never letting go of the weird. Her favorite places are the Lofoten Islands of Norway and Cochamó, Chile, where the mileage is measured in vertical granite. In her free time, she enjoys surfing, swimming, building things, dancing, and singing from the gut, and she loves sequins and disco balls. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find her asleep, on her way to the sea, or drinking coffee in the light of her backyard disco ball.