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Our Trails & Land Trust

35+ miles to hike, horseback ride and explore

Through our partnership with the Land Trust of Santa Barbara County, Midland is able to protect and maintain the area’s unique array of habitats and species, an essential step in building resilience for our planet’s future. As part of more than 27,000 acres preserved through the Land Trust, Midland’s property is protected from development in perpetuity. While present or future owners of the land are limited to farming and grazing, we happily welcome visitors to hike and explore the more than 35 miles of trails that weave across Midland’s hills, valleys, and meadows. Through this conservation effort, we hope to maintain Midland’s land as a gateway to California’s backcountry and to preserve the plants and animals that make it unique for generations to come.

Trail Status

Trails are closed due to the Lake Fire.

Please note, if trails are closed, it is for safety reasons and to preserve the trail system. Please do NOT remove signs or resort to trespassing.

Santa Barbara Land Trust

Our partners in protecting 2,727 acres

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Santa Barbara Trails Council

Our partners in maintaining Midland's 35+ miles of hiking and horseback riding trails

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Why Protect This Land?

Preserving our acreage in a Land Trust for the generations to come

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Symbioses We Hope Never Cease

One naturalist’s view of Midland School’s property and educating stewards of the Earth

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A legacy dating back to 1932

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