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Our 2019-24 Strategic Planning Initiative

Mapping out the present & future of Midland

In a typical school, strategic plans often identify large, capital infrastructure projects and roadmaps for significant institutional expansion. As our Head of School, Christopher Barnes often mentions, it seems like strategic plans these days all involve some sort of Olympic-size pool and a new, Ivy League–bound water polo team. Luckily, we have no such plans; the reservoir will remain water polo–net free for the foreseeable future! 

In more classic Midland style, our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and process are deeply engrained in the tenets that anchor our school and program. Needs, not wants, drive our plans for Midland’s future. Our community stands firmly at the forefront of our action plan, with our Board, faculty, students, staff, alumni and friends all allocated specific tasks and goals to help Midland become its most excellent self. Truly, this is a collective effort towards a common goal: to ensure the longevity of our school and to provide a Midland education to students for many, many generations to come.

An Iterative Plan

Reflecting the reality of an ever-changing world

As with most things at Midland, you won’t find our Strategic Plan formalized in a fancy, shiny printed portfolio. Rather, it remains a working document that our Board of Trustees and Administrative Teams mark up, review, and measure against each and every time they meet. By keeping the 2019-24 Strategic Plan an iterative, evolving document, we are able to best meet Midland’s needs as they arise (for example, upon the arrival of a worldwide pandemic in early spring of 2020!) while continuing to plan and prioritize for our future.

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