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Our Stories

Midlanders in their own words

Hear about Midland through the lens of personal experience

What better way to learn more about Midland’s community and program than through the lens of current students, alumni, parents and faculty! Below, we’ve compiled anecdotes, poems, interviews, essays and articles that explore every aspect of the Midland experience. Whether you’re curious about bringing your dog to Midland, want to hear what alumni go on to do after graduation, wondering what our faculty are passionate about in and outside of the classroom or simply want to dive deeper into our school, this is the place to be! We hope you’ll enjoy these special glimpses into what it’s truly like to live your education. Don’t see the story you’re keen to hear? Send us a note or click the link below to get connected with a member of the Midland community.

Student Voices

Living their education under the oaks

Gentling a Wild Mustang

Eleanor's ('19) Senior Project

For Eleanor, who had started riding horses at a mere six years old, developing a senior project that capitalized on her passion for horses was a no-brainer. In her final year at Midland, she began what she called an “ambitious yet doable” mission to gentle a wild mustang named Jerry.

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Alumni Voices

Reflecting on the journey from Midland, beyond

"I’m taking this all the way!"

Sophia Rocco '09's Journey

“Thankfully, I’m used to finding my feet — thanks Midland! — and know how important it is to ask for help if you need it,” Sophia Rocco ’09 shares as she reflects on how her Midland experience led her to — and helped her succeed in — a PhD and career in plasma physics.

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Faculty Voices

Educating the change-makers of tomorrow

Midlanders Can Survive Any Era

Lessons that have endured since 1932

In spring of 2020, across generations and time zones, Midland students, faculty, parents and Board Members plugged in from our scattered living rooms to engage in an intellectual and heartful discussion of Gary Lewis’ Midland history book, Dominion Over Palm and Pine: Paul Squibb and His Students. Dean of Academics Ellie Moore reflects on the event and its focus on relating Midland’s founding values to our current day challenges.

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Parent Voices

Raising a child in partnership with Midland

"You are enough. You are ready. You are Mighty Oaks."

Lise Goddard's Speech to the Class of 2021

“There is nothing you can do that would make us more proud or love you more than we already do,” parent speaker Lise Goddard said to the Midland Class of 2021, quoting Bill Poett’s words at his own daughter’s graduation in 2010. Her speech reflects on her time on Midland’s campus and how her sons and their classmates grew during their time at Midland.

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