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Time and time again, I am reminded that being “an alternative to the regular thing” makes Midland ever more important in our world. Today’s average high schooler spends seven hours on screens daily, balanced with only seven minutes outdoors. At Midland, we do it differently. Thanks to your commitment and that of your fellow alumni, family and friends, Midland’s enduring educational & lifestyle model can and will persist. We must; the world needs Midland today, perhaps even more than it did in 1932.

We are constantly inspired by all of the contributions made across our community, and know that many of you reach deeply to support this institution. Thank you. Each Midland moment that leads another student to become a resilient, hardworking alumna/us happens with your help. Your donations make the student experience at Midland possible; every Hardluck, every Grass Mountain hike, every hour in Stillman’s kitchen and each college and scholarship acceptance letter is empowered by your support through Midland’s Annual Fund, Capital Giving campaigns, and major gifts. And please know, if a financial contribution is not accessible to you at this time, there are many other ways to give and engage: attend a gathering, share your story, or consider hosting an event. Have questions or want to learn more about ways to get involved? Send us a note or call us at 805.688.5114.

Meeting Our Needs, Each & Every Year

Your support for Midland's Annual Fund makes an impact

Midland is not only the only school we know of where students truly live their education; it is also the most affordable boarding school in California. Your support of Midland’s Annual Fund directly impacts our ability to support student financial aid needs and continues Midland’s mission to ensure accessibility to families of all economic means. We hope you will join us in making a donation to Midland’s Annual Fund part of your annual giving tradition.


Support Midland's Campus Renewal

Major giving sustains our school

To ensure the future of the Midland experience for generations to come, we are engaged in ongoing, mission-aligned campus renewal projects that will progressively renew our rustic campus. As we continue to respond to the changing requirements of the world around us (protecting our campus against wildfire dangers, increasing our sustainability and self-sufficiency through solar capacity and farm, for example), your support is crucial to the success and feasibility of our projects to meet Midland’s infrastructural needs. To learn more about philanthropic opportunities related to capital projects, connect with us via the button below or give us a call at 805.688.5114. Thank you!

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Your Enduring Impact on Generations of Midlanders

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More ways to connect


Gather 'round with alumni, families and friends

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Visit our Land & Trails

Hike, horseback ride and more

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Explore Midland Legacies

Through the voices of Midlanders across the ages

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