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Live Your Education at Midland School

At Midland School, students live their education. Lessons extend beyond the classroom walls as instructors and students explore the frontiers of education together.

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Our Mission Since 1932

Midland's founding principles & values

In the nine decades since our founding, Midland has grown and evolved in a myriad of ways, adding campus infrastructure, admitting young women in the early 1970s, and honing our curriculum to become increasingly place-based as an experiential learning boarding school. Yet our founding principles and values are the root from which we continue to grow and thrive: simplicity; evaluating our needs and wants; environmental stewardship; meaningful connections between students, teachers and the ideas they study; and accessibility to families of all financial means.

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Discover Your True Self

At Midland, students learn to love who they are

In a community that accepts you just as you are, being true to yourself — and perhaps exploring the unknown parts of who you might become — is welcomed and encouraged. Here at Midland, students of various backgrounds and identities come together to form a community and foster belonging. Without the added pressures of social media and online self-performance, Midlanders can slowly evolve and grow into the humans they're meant to be, rather than the ones society tells them they should be!

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Authentic Community

From our technology policy to our residential life program

Club nights, drive-in movies, intentional technology policies and a robust student mentorship “Prefect” program: Midland’s residential life program features authentic, tight-knit community at its core. Together with their peers, through the mentorship of their elders and guidance of our faculty and staff, Midland students explore their relationship to themselves and to their communities as they live their education through our experiential learning boarding school program. Our students are some of the kindest and brightest of their generation; together they are the core of our school community.

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Our Community Legacy

Building a better world since 1932

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Our Stories

Midlanders, in their own words

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