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The Necessity of Change

Navigating new needs while maintaining cultural authenticity

To ensure the future of the Midland experience for generations to come and to preserve Midland’s simple rustic character, we are progressively renewing our entire campus. Midland’s campus renewal plans will preserve simplicity, focus on distinguishing between wants and needs, and commit to living sustainably. They will sustain Midland traditions and empower Midland to continue being an “alternative to the regular thing,” a campus where students and faculty alike feel that they’re right where they want to be. 

To do so, Midland must address deferred maintenance, meet current building codes, and provide an environment for experiential education that will draw today’s students and teachers. These plans prioritize functional bathrooms and safe cabins for students and appropriate housing for faculty, ensuring Midland can continue to be a place where Midlanders live their education. Through it all, we’ve worked hard to maintain balance between old and new, prioritize our needs and attract top students, mission-aligned families and passionate faculty members.

Jim Dreyfuss ’81
Board of Trustees Campus Committee Chair

Rooting in Our Mission as We Evolve

Midland School provides a unique college prep boarding school experience to a diverse student body. Through study and work, it teaches the value of a lifetime of learning, self-reliance, simplicity, responsibility to community and the environment, and a love for the outdoors.

Emphasizing Environmental Stewardship

Moving into Midland's Solar Age

Stories of Midland’s Kerosene Era are a guiding light, helping us remember our traditions. A sense of place and care for the world around us are natural outcomes of a Midland education. Though deeply entwined in our history, wood burning as a means of heating water has one of the highest carbon footprints, and today’s building codes make cabin wood stoves and showerfires impractical as well as environmentally irresponsible. While solar is not new to Midland, it is clear that solar power must be our new norm and will be integral to our campus renewal projects.

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