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Experiential & Place-based Education

Our rigorous college-preparatory academic model

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Rooted in rigorous college preparation, Midland is a leader in place-based and experiential education. Using our 2,860 acres as a home base, Midland’s curriculum offers a vibrant and challenging exploration of place, spanning environment, history and culture. Growing our food, generating our electricity and learning about those who called this land home before us prepares students to be informed citizens and active participants in making the world better.

Midland’s 4:1 student to faculty ratio ensures that every student is known, valued and needed in this intentional community. As job heads, prefects or outdoor leaders (to name a few!), students have authentic opportunities for success and failure and are progressively given greater leadership responsibility. Working alongside our dedicated faculty, students develop their work ethic, level of craftsmanship and compassion in service to one another.

A Student, a Teacher & an Idea

Paul & Louise Squibb's educational vision

These three essential ingredients for learning guide our instructional efforts. In and outside the classroom, students and faculty work together to gain a deeper understanding of the world. Whether it is in a Harkness discussion in English, designing a unique field study in Biology, or conducting research for a chosen Senior Thesis, students’ interest and curiosity drive their own learning. Expert faculty scaffolding and facilitation guide students towards mastering key concepts, content and college (and life!) ready skills.

Place-based Learning

Education grounded in the home(s) we inhabit

In Midland 101, our iconic place-based science class, students learn about the soil beneath their feet, the topography of our hills and the names of the wildflowers that carpet the hillsides in spring. Through our place-based curriculum, students learn the skills of close observation, asking questions and how they can get to know any place they go. Such carefully cultivated habits of mind serve them in college and beyond.

"We're doing what everyone else is learning about in the classroom" - Isaiah '19

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