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Meet our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty, an impressive team coming from all different places and backgrounds, are all drawn to Midland under a common goal: teaching the value of a lifetime of learning, self-reliance, simplicity and a responsibility to community to our incredible student body.

They teach thoughtful, engaging classes; host clubs and coach sports; lead outdoor trips and Experiential Saturdays; share in buffet breakfasts and family-style dinners with the community; hang around in the evening to help with homework, offer advice or simply to lend an ear; and so much more. Their job isn’t easy by any stretch; they do it out of love and an absolute passion for what they do.

And still, they find the time to share their stories — of growth, strength, art, science, and, well, Midland — with us.

Featured Stories

Science in the Soil

Dean of Experiential Learning Dan Susman speaks on Midland's working farm

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US Studies Update: The Outside World Coming In

Learning about current events from experts in the field

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