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In a beautiful area of Santa Barbara County, both a biodiversity hotspot and home of unique geologic features, with incredible trails to explore, there’s truly nothing like being horseback on Midland’s trails. This land is truly something special, and to explore it with your equine companion is unmatched — which is why we invite you to experience it for yourself.

Before you go, remember to obtain a permit by following the process outlined below, be sure to reserve your time for riding and reach out with any questions. See you on the trails!

Trail Status

Trails are closed due to the Lake Fire.

Obtain Your Riding Permit

For individuals or small groups

In order to horseback ride as an individual or small group (five or fewer people), you must have a permit, which you can obtain by creating an account in our online registration platform. Once you do that, you will be able to register for specific dates and times to ride on Midland’s trails.

Notes on registration: You must register at least two days in advance for each day you wish to use Midland’s trails — please note that the property is not always open to riders. You may include your spouse and children in your account but you will still need to register each individual separately. In selecting your riding days, you must also register each trailer that you will be using to visit (space is limited to 4 horse trailers per day). If a trailer contains more than one horse, each rider must be registered separately. You will be sent an email with the gate code on the day of your reservation.

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