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Campus Renewal Timeline

Prioritizing simplicity & authenticity as we maintain, repair & renew

Since the introduction of Midland’s 2013 Campus Plan, we have continued to prioritize the simplicity and authentic Midland spirit that are at the root of our campus and community. Over the last decade, we have used these priorities as a framework for our continual campus renewal.

The timeline below tracks our efforts to maintain, repair and renew our campus since the creation of the 2013 Campus Plan, and outlines our next steps for the coming years. As our work and plan evolve, so too will the timeline. And as we look into the future, we need your support! Find out more about the ways you can get involved in supporting and celebrating each timeline milestone here.

  • 2022

    Summer 2022 Projects

    • Faculty Homes (construction)
    • Upper Yard Cabins (construction)
    • Continued Campus Renewal
  • 2021

    Summer 2021 Projects

    • Upper Yard Bathroom (construction)
    • Lower Yard Bathroom (construction & renovation)
    • Continued Campus Renewal
  • 2020

    Completed Summer 2020 Projects

    • Outdoor Classrooms (construction)
    • Health Office (renovation)
    • Schuyler Barn Interior (update)
    • Stillman Hall (update)
    • Long House Apartment (renovation)
  • 2019

    Completed Summer 2019 Projects

    • Faculty Home (construction)
    • Kit Rich Dreyfuss Barn (construction)
    • Library Classroom (expansion)
    • Commons (renovation)
  • 2018

    Completed Summer 2018 Projects

    • Agriculture Well (construction)
    • Janeway (remodel)
    • Pink Palace (remodel)
    • Front Entrance (update)
  • 2017

    Completed Summer 2017 Projects

    • Bridge (upgrade)
    • John Deere Tractor (donated)
    • Garden Shed
  • 2016

    Completed Summer 2016 Projects

    • Ireland House (remodel)
    • Chrimes House (upkeep)
    • Generator (installation)
  • 2015

    Completed Summer 2015 Projects

    • Doe House (remodel)
    • Rich House (remodel)
    • Lower Yard Cabins (remodel)
    • Cabin Furniture (upgrade)
  • 2014

    Completed Summer 2014 Projects

    • Domestic Water Supply Line (buried)
    • Lowry House (remodel)
    • Parks House (demo & removal)
  • 2013

    Completed Summer 2013 Projects

    • Commons Classroom (remodel)
    • Fire house (remodel)

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