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Experiential Learning in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor Program

Students explore the Oak Woodland, Grassland, and Chaparral ecosystems of the Midland property and while they’re at it they learn leadership, teamwork, and outdoor living skills. Overnight trips include visiting the nearby San Rafael Wilderness, the coastal environment of the Channel Islands, and other environs of California such as the Coastal Redwoods, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Mojave Desert. Students explore these ecosystems in hands-on and interdisciplinary ways through their academic courses, the Outdoor Leadership program, and trips for fun and during their free time.

Outdoor Leadership is offered in the fall and spring and includes at least two overnight backpacking trips per season. Through the trips students learn, practice, and work towards mastery of skills associated with prudent, fun, and engaging travel in the natural world. Skills taught include backpacking, environmental stewardship, trip planning, camp craft, basic first aid, knots, and trail work. Qualified students who participate in a season of Outdoor Leadership are eligible for the Midland Ranger program and can lead their own overnight trips on the 2,860-acre Midland property.