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Campus Renewal: Faculty Homes

Attracting and keeping exceptional faculty requires adequate housing

According to tradition, Midland’s first faculty arrived and sequentially worked with a team of other students and faculty to build the home they and their family would live in during their tenure on campus. Resources were few, make-doism abounded, and yet slowly a community of wooden houses began to grow across Midland’s central campus. As the decades passed, homes were handed down from one faculty family to the next, and as our needs for faculty grew due to increased course requirements by the college preparatory system, we added homes here and there, or faculty lived in modest homes in town.

Over the last 20 years, the Santa Ynez Valley has erupted into a booming tourism landscape, drastically increasing local housing costs; in tandem with more stringent Santa Barbara County codes (no longer can we simply add a home on our own terms) and the reduction in double-employee homes, we face a stark housing shortage here on campus. In order to retain and attract top faculty to engage in our program, we must prioritize the addition of faculty homes to our campus.

Two Simple, Rustic Homes In One

A duplex-style home meets our faculty's needs while limiting costs & footprint

This fall, we will break ground on a faculty housing duplex project in the meadow adjacent to Lower Yard. In the spirit of simplicity and needs vs. wants, we will be tapping into the efficiency of custom factory-built structures to build this two-unit home. Using factory-built structures empowers us to accelerate the construction timeline, minimize on-campus disturbances and maintain a very high level of quality control. Careful attention has been paid to the preservation of the rustic Midland aesthetic for the duplex. Though they share a wall, the two residences (a two-bedroom, two-bath and a three-bedroom, two-bath) are well-insulated from one another and have separate outdoor living spaces, all while maintaining a smaller overall footprint and minimizing cost.

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