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Campus Renewal: Student Life

Bathrooms & Housing: Minding the gap between rustic & rundown living spaces

Meeting the needs of today’s students and families means finding the balance between rugged, rustic and simple plus adequate, sanitary and safe.  Early Midland structures have served us well for many, many years.

Today, we have a plan to meet the needs of our community (plus building codes!) with simple new construction that fits.

Moving Upper Yard Out of the Floodpath

A long-needed shift out of Sahm Canyon and into a safer location

Every 20-30 years, excessive rains turn Sahm Canyon from a lovely section of campus — home to faculty families, Upper Yard cabins and their resident students, and various Midland flora and fauna — into a flood path. Though infrequent, this repeat flooding event makes the shift of Upper Yard cabins out of Sahm Canyon crucial for the longevity of our campus. Midland’s 2013 Campus Plan identified the area near Rich House (II) and the Amphitheater as the optimal area for relocating Upper Yard with minimal impact on our campus layout and existing architecture.

Student Involvement

Hands-on learning and leaving a legacy behind

Though new county codes and regulations make it more challenging to directly involve the students into the construction process, we’ve found new ways to continue the Midland legacy of students building Midland with their own hands!

Macy '21 repurposes decades-old pan-abode cedar wood for a new Hardluck platform on on Bobcat Trail.

Midlanders from across the decades, including Jim Quick '68 and current students, work together on the thoughtful demolition of a pan-abode cabin in Upper Yard.

Jack '23 carefully salvages the pan-abode cedar wood for further use during Experiential Week in Spring 2021.

We know many of you were deeply involved in the construction of cabins and other buildings on campus, and we’d love to extend your involvement into this next era of Midland campus renewal. Let us know how you might like to get involved, share your construction story, or simply express interest in learning more via the form below!

We need you!

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