Dan Susman | Our Faculty | Midland School

Dan Susmanhe/him

Dean of Experiential Learning & Science Faculty

A.B. Dartmouth College
Ed.M. Harvard University
Languages: English and Spanish
Appointed: 2017

  (805) 688-5114 x134

Dan loves Midland because it meaningfully integrates students, faculty, and the land they call home to form an interconnected living and learning experience. Every single person at Midland is a learner and teacher, and learning isn’t confined to the walls of the classroom. Learning happens in the garden picking red ripe tomatoes, in the arena working with horses, and when everyone sits down together for a meal after a long day’s work.

Dan has 1 dog, some kombucha mothers, sourdough, approximately 1,000 worms, too many indoor and outdoor plants to count, and some squirrels he can’t seem to get rid of. As a Nebraskan, his favorite Midland Farm produce is corn, and he loves running, rock climbing, and reading The New Yorker. He loves traveling all over, but is especially fond of Maine, Colorado, and the Sierra Nevada. Growing up, he wanted to be a firefighter, and his current work in progress is meditating every day.