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Parent Perspective: Aero Polo

Want to know what it's really like to be the parent of a Midlander? Well, who better to tell you than our parents themselves! In this series, we’ll ask our parents the tough questions about all things Midland, from academics to the growth they've seen. This is the Parent Perspective.

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Interview with Aero Polo, Parent of Mateo '21

Winter 2020

What’s it like being a parent to a teenager that goes to boarding school?

It’s wonderful! We feel so grateful that he was able to spread his wings and be offered this unique experience to grow himself while being supported by a loving community. Our time together as a family on breaks has a special sacredness to it now. We all treasure our time and feel closer than ever, even though we are far apart more often.

Midland is not just a boarding school. He has his own cabin with a good friend along with a wholesome community on a beautiful piece of land! He is at home on the Midland campus.

What advice do you have for parents who are worried about the image of “sending their child away” to boarding school?

Well, this question makes me laugh. Our friends didn’t even believe us! It was not part of our vocabulary or lifestyle. We were always encouraging our son to be self directed, so of course he did something we would never have come up with on our own as parents. It is a sign of empowerment when your child chooses this experience of stepping out of their comfort zone of what they know to attend a boarding school. I would encourage you to be proud of raising an adventurous child.

How has Midland’s academic rigor been for your child?

I feel that my child has been challenged and very supported by his teachers. He appreciates the approach to learn the actual content versus memorizing and busy work. His classmates are really lifting up the rigor with Harkness discussions and projects they do together. The teachers are phenomenal and wonderful mentors!

What’s it like when your child comes home, homework free, over the breaks?

Special family time! We usually have to give him the first week to unwind from his busy schedule and for him to catch up on sleep. There is a transition of him going from living with boys to being back with his parents.

How can I tell if Midland — and boarding school in general — is right for my child?

If your child is asking for the boarding school Midland experience, trust them and their knowing of themselves and what they seek next for their growth. I believe that seeking this experience is a sign of their independence and maturity, a compliment to their home life and the people behind them.

A peer of our son strongly suggested he should apply to Midland because all the boys there were just like him. She was so right and we are forever grateful to her in getting us to all think outside of our box! Trust, try it for a year. If it is a good fit, the experience will warm your heart and grow your child in ways that we as parents all dream of!

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