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Real Talk: No Cell Phones?

Want to know what Midland is really like? Well, who better to tell you than our students themselves! In this series, we’ll ask our students the tough questions about all things Midland, from free time to technology. This is Real Talk.

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What is it like not having a cell phone on campus?

As part of our intentional technological policy, Midland students leave their cell phones at home, prioritizing face-to-face relationships with our tight-knit educational community. Here’s what they have to say about it:

I honestly feel happier, and it’s less stressful to feel obligated to answer someone’s message. It helps each person work with each other in person instead of through a mechanical whirlpool. I honestly wouldn’t want my phone on campus if it was offered to me.” – Heron ’20

“It is amazing. At first, I was a little nervous I would be missing out on everything going on at home but that is not the case. We are able to go on the Instagram website and use the landlines to call whoever we want. The main benefit of it is that without the influence of phones, I have made some of the best friends I’ve ever had.” – Mallory ’22

“I enjoy not having a phone, it allows us to build better connections with one another. For me too it helps me ‘escape’ from the outside world and focus on what’s in front of me instead.” – Pearl ’22

“I completely forgot about my phone last year. I was surprised when I got it back.” - Ezzy ’23

“Not having phones is one of the very best things about Midland. You live with your friends at Midland — having a phone would definitely take away from our relationships.” - Will ’21

“I LOVE it. It feels so good to get away from the constant need to look at my phone or reply to texts and the pressure of social media. It allows for very genuine, uninterrupted relationships.” – Daniela ’21

“It was an adjustment at first to live without a cell phone but now I absolutely love it. It allows me to be more present with my friends and faculty on campus and allows me to live in the moment. I am able to enjoy the little things throughout my day without any distractions. It also allows me to think critically with academics because you don’t always have Google in your back pocket. It is one of my favorite things about Midland.” – Kate ’23

“It’s very eye-opening to not have a cell phone or WiFi, and in the beginning a little hard. Once you get used to it, you realize how much spare time you have without electronics.” – Skyler ’24

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