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Real Talk: Cabin Life

Want to know what Midland is really like? Well, who better to tell you than our students themselves! In this series, we’ll ask our students the tough questions about all things Midland, from free time to technology. This is Real Talk.

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What do your cabins look like?

Inspired by MTV Cribs — the TV show dedicated to tours of celebrity houses — our local celebrities (well, they’re celebrities to us, at least!) decided to answer this question by showing off their living spaces in The Cabins of Midland! We have two episodes for you, one featuring Upper Yard and one featuring Lower Yard. You’ll get a taste of what Midland cabins look like, how you can decorate your own cabin when you attend Midland and the answer to the ever-important question, “Can I keep food in my room?”

Cabin Tour: Lower Yard

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Cabin Tour: Upper Yard

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Tell us about your cabin experience!

“I love it so much! It is one of my favorite parts of Midland.” – Zoe ’23

“Living in a cabin is everything I wanted and more. With time my cabin has become very cozy and decorated with aspects of my life. I easily would choose it over my room at home. Living with someone else is also an amazing experience because you gain a lifelong friend while learning life skills on how to live with someone in a healthy way.” – Luke ’21

“I enjoy how our cabin is always a quiet place in order to work on school-related things, and having a roommate makes it better since you have someone to talk to and to help you.” – David ’24

“Living in a cabin is awesome! Unlike other dorms, you are one door away from the outdoors. There is so much charm and character in each of the cabins, from the wood stoves, to the etchings from former students on the walls. You get the responsibility to take care of and properly maintain your own cabin. It truly feels like home!” – Kate ’23

“Living in a cabin is not exactly what I expected. You have so much free rein over your room design and decor, you get to know your roommate in a completely unique way, and your cabin really becomes a home space. The feeling of independence, and being in a space that, in some ways, feels more like yours than your own house — at least it does for me.” – Melia ’21

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