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College Counseling

Focused on college success

From here, you can go anywhere. And we’ll help you get there.

At Midland, we’re focused on college success, not just admittance. As a college preparatory high school, we ensure that all students have the foundation needed to access and thrive at a wide array of colleges and universities. 

Our program prepares you to be an active participant and engaged citizen in the college of your choice. When you graduate from Midland, you stand out from the pack because the enriched leadership and experiential opportunities, combined with our academics and jobs programs, allow you to grow and learn in authentic ways.

Midland’s college counseling office provides the tools, resources, and support to enable students to navigate the college search and application process each step of the way.

The College Pathway

Midlanders are supported every step of the way

Surrounded by a community of caring adults, Midland students are blessed with the support they need to navigate the college admissions process.

While the prospect of college enters a younger student’s awareness through various parts of the program, juniors and seniors have scheduled class time to learn about colleges, complete applications, and write essays.

Students receive extra support from faculty who not only teach, but also coach, lead experiential learning programs, dine with students, and serve as advisors. They see students demonstrate growth and skills outside the classroom, which leads to letters of recommendation filled with rich details.

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College Matriculation

Midlanders find their best fit

Maybe you love environmental science, medicine, poetry, or languages. Maybe you want a big university filled with school spirit or a small college where professors invite you for a cup of coffee. Maybe you thrive in the fast-paced energy of a city or seek nature right outside your back door. Maybe affordability matters. Maybe you want to take a gap year.

Midland students find schools where opportunities for success abound, where they will thrive academically and socially. Whatever they choose, our students find the path that best fits their needs.

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