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Real Talk: The Jobs Program

Want to know what Midland is really like? Well, who better to tell you than our students themselves! In this series, we’ll ask our students the tough questions about all things Midland, from free time to technology. This is Real Talk.

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What is having a job on campus really like?

“The work at Midland is above and beyond community service. These jobs make every person truly essential. If you forget your job, or don’t build a shower fire, you see the impacts. A classmate has to pick up the slack or people have to endure cold water. You learn that your work matters.” – Porter ’21

“Midland’s job program isn’t traditional community service, but it’s definitely service to the community. Everyone works hard to make sure all the jobs are done. Everyone relies on everyone else and that’s what makes Midland’s work unique. To me, jobs don’t even feel like work. I enjoy working with my peers, and when the job is done, I’m proud of myself and my friends.” – Emma ’23

“The jobs program and campus clubs add to the feeling of community service. So much of social interaction at Midland focuses on community and group wellness, that even clubs not specifically designated as service clubs add to the community in the same way.” – Melia ’21

“When doing your job, you influence how the entire school functions and are able to help.” - Zoe ’23

"I enjoy the work ethic that I have developed while working various jobs on campus. It also connects me to the cleanliness of my environment." - Rabbit '22

“The job program doesn’t simply feel like I am serving my community, but that I am in a stimulated real-life job experience. The culture of intense dedication to work creates an atmosphere that rewards when you work more diligently, and has consequences when you don’t.” – Anna ’21

“I do enjoy the jobs program. My favorite part is drinking hot cocoa at the barn after we feed all the horses.” – Maddy ’21

“It helps each and every student in their own way. I think that on my [part], it helps me understand at a higher level how to work with others. If I had to choose a favorite part it would be the crews themselves. They always know how to make you smile.” – Heron ’21

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