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Real Talk: Half Holidays & Free Time

Want to know what Midland is really like? Well, who better to tell you than our students themselves! In this series, we’ll ask our students the tough questions about all things Midland, from free time to technology. This is Real Talk.

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What do you do during Half Holidays and other free time?

“In my spare time I am sometimes in my cabin, sometimes out in the woods, but in both cases I am doing equally enriching things. In my cozy room, I read, listen to music, and converse with friends, usually a combination of the three. In the woods we wrestle, hike, and play hiding games by the creek.” – Anna ’21

“When I have free time at Midland, I usually work on art, spend time laying in the sun (on the field or up in the hills), go to town, or work on other personal projects. But no matter what I’m doing, I can always count on friends, food, and good times!” – Raymond ’21

“I like to sometimes take care of horses during half holiday, reading, hanging out with friends or just sitting outside and eating snacks.” – Zoe ’23

“Fix stuff, play guitar, go explore, play volleyball, etc.” - Boone ’21

“Hike, go on picnics, do homework, talk to my parents and friends outside of Midland, swim, read, make collages, spend time with my classmates.” - Melia ’21

“During my spare time, during the week I will just chill in my cabin, but some half holidays our grade will sometimes plan little trips, like to the reservoir or sometimes with just a group of friends.” – Aubrey ’24

“There are so many things to do at Midland! During half-holidays I can spend the whole afternoon outside. Sometimes my friends and I bike or walk out to the Reservoir or hang out on the field. I never worry about being bored here!” – Emma ’23

“On the weekdays, I usually catch up on any homework or chill outside my porch talking with friends. On the weekends we tend to play some kind of sport with each other or go on some kind of adventure on the property.” – David ’24

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