Jim Dreyfuss '81 Honored as Distinguished Alumnus

Jim Dreyfuss '81 Honored with Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Annual JDDA Award Ceremony

All of us at Midland express our gratitude for the leadership and commitment of Jim Dreyfuss ’81, posthumously awarded the John Dreyfuss ’52 Distinguished Alumnus (JDDA) Award. To Jim’s wife Beth Dreyfuss and extended family, thank you for accepting this award and for honoring the memory of all that he has done for the Midland community.

Head of School Christopher Barnes honors Jim Dreyfuss ’81 at the JDDA ceremony

Words from Christopher Barnes, Head of School, “Jim Dreyfuss served this school with profound commitment as Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair of the board, Chair of the Campus Committee, active parent to three Midland students, and son to an iconic faculty member – John Dreyfuss – for whom this award is named. I too was touched by Jim’s profound good will, enduring commitment to this community. I, like so many, benefited from his uncanny ability to help us all see the best in others, to seek out the positive path from a challenging moment, and to not take ourselves too seriously.”

The extended Dreyfuss family came to Midland to honor Jim’s legacy

It was wonderful to hear from long-time family friend Peter Schulyer and Jim’s Midland roommate Rob Goldberg ’81. On Midland’s social media, a heartfelt message from a community member noted, “Both John and Jim were larger than life in all the best ways and for all the best reasons.” Cierra Rickman, Director of Admission & Advancement, also shared, “Jim was such an incredible man. He had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room every time he talked to you. As Rob said, he also never gave up on the long lost art of a hand-written letter of thanks and encouragement. I still have the last one he wrote to me pinned to my office bulletin board. I feel grateful and so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and know Jim.”

We encourage the Midland community to continue to be inspired by Jim Dreyfuss ’81, a truly distinguished and inspiring alumnus. The John Dreyfuss ’52 Distinguished Alumnus Award is conferred annually during the school’s Alums, Parents & Friends Day.

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