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The Power of Team Sports at Midland

Spring 2021

The Midland athletic philosophy is driven by a fundamental belief that, with the right mindset and appropriate training, everyone can discover and hone their athletic skills and become capable team players in any sport. It aligns beautifully with Midland’s mission and philosophy as our boarding school sports provide students with ample opportunities to become self-reliant, take on responsibility, contribute to the community (team), and appreciate life’s fundamental joys and challenges. 

While our teams are competitive in our league, we do not strive to be a competitive boarding school sports powerhouse. Recruiting athletes and striving solely to win simply doesn’t align with our philosophies. Rather, we strive to grow strong team players while fostering leadership, sportsmanship, self-discovery, and physical fitness. And we see the results of this at every sporting event: our students are known for playing hard, not giving up, and having stellar sportsmanship among our competitors.

All Midland teams are primarily coached by faculty members who mentor students in other capacities (as teachers, advisors, administrators, and more). This cross-over affords both the students and adults opportunities to deepen their relationships. Consequently, the fields, courts, and trails become extensions of Midland’s learning environment — most notably, perhaps, in cultivating meaningful student-faculty connections and authentic student leadership.

Like in all Midland programs, we meet athletes where they are and tailor the training program intending to grow the fundamental skills and strength necessary for all participants of our boarding school sports. Regardless of their background, as our wonderful faculty provide the right guidance, our students learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, become goal-setters, develop a sense of who they are, and see themselves as contributors, becoming more confident and reaching a deep sense of belonging. 

As members of the Condor League, our teams play against other independent boarding and day schools in the tri-county area, typically competing twice per week (often Wednesdays and Saturdays, depending on the sport) and practicing four times per week (currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday).

In addition to competitive sports, Midland offers several non-competitive options, which students can participate in for two sport seasons per year. Current offerings include Farm & Ranch, Horsemanship, FRSH (Fitness Running Surfing Hiking), Strength & Stretch, Kitchen, and Outdoor Leadership. 
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