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Reopening Campus in the Age of Omicron

Faculty, Admin and Staff embrace the power of community and collective commitment

Math Faculty Matt Hagen teaches a geometry class in Glass House.

Math Faculty Matt Hagen teaches a geometry class in Glass House.

Spring 2022

There is something about returning after a break that is both exciting and hard. I tell students more than I care to admit ‘I am always sad as a break ends, but excited to be back’. It feels especially poignant when I realize that although we had some extra hoops to hop through, we were ABLE to come back as a community, when so many schools were unable to do that. It is the dedication of Tracy and Miguel in the Health Office, our awesome teachers and kitchen staff, Board of Trustees, and honestly a Head of School and Administrative Team that found a way to thread the needle and do so in a thoughtful and safe way.” – Charis Adams, Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations

Re-convening classes at a new peak in the pandemic is a challenge – but it’s also an opportunity to vet preexisting teaching priorities. Moving outside is spurring me to de-center myself as a central nexus of the classroom. I’m being pushed by the environment towards more frequent small group work, which is an unexpected boon for my students (along with the fresh air).” – John Babbott, English Faculty

We are wearing stronger masks, teaching outdoors, and more students and faculty are returning each day. Midland’s community is determined to reform and renew itself, just as the hills are turning green after the recent rains. We don’t eat at assigned sit-down meals, but we do eat together.” – John Isaacson ’94, English Faculty

I’m so encouraged by students’ commitment to use precautions. The library has windows open and the cold air flows through, so our resilient students are bundling up, staying 3 feet apart, and wearing their masks.” – Christie Tarman, Academic & Study Skills Support Faculty

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